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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  April 22, 2011 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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this is fox 5 news at 10:00. a developing story tonight. a knife attack in broad daylight leads to a police shootout on a busy virginia street. witnesses tell us how it all happened. plus an investigation after charlie sheen for the a licensed escort from d.c. police. the chief and the union both
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weigh in. but we begin with a cold weight start to your weekend. we've had rain all day and guess what? there is more on the way. thanks for joining us tonight at 10:00. i'm shawn yancy. >> i'm will thomas in for brian. a big chunk of our region under a flood watch right now. that means there is a potential for flooding around rivers, creeks and streams. sue palka is tracking the trouble for us. good evening, sue. >> good evening. yes, those flood watches did get expanded a while ago. essentially didn't move them so much east as they did extend them down south through western virginia down to about the stanton area. i'm afraid there's moderate and potentially heavy rain coming. so a flood watch means potential for flooding for rivers, streams and creeks to come out of their banks if we do get that moderate rain. heats start with radar, the wider picture. see those bright chores come through ohio? the good news is they aren't as bright in the last hour or so and we're hoping that trend will continue because we don't need heavier rain, but the reason that we are so chilly today is the fact that our wind
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has been coming out of the atlantic all day and continues to do that. so not only do we have moisture from the atlantic that's kind of loading the atmosphere up, but then we have these waves of rain coming in. we do have more still in the overnight hours and for the first part of our saturday. a lot of you don't want to hear that, right? here is the flood watch. again this goes through saturday morning and includes frederick county, washington county, allegheny and down to our south. this is also new tonight. the coastal flood advisory is going until 4:00. that's for the tidal waters and this is part of what caused the problems at georgetown harbor. this is because of wind direction, not because we're expecting that much rain, but the east wind is piling it up. it now appears we'll see tides 1 to 2 feet above normal. then there's the cold. this is more typical of what we would see because the temperatures fairly budged during the day of mid-february, but i do have a warm-up for this weekend. it will be a slow process and a bit of a wet process, more
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details coming up later. tonight investigators are looking into a deadly accident on the chesapeake bay about noon time near breezy point beach. two men were killed when their fishing boat capsized. the victims were brothers from pennsylvania. two other passengers were hospitalized. the boat was about 1 1/2 miles offshore when it sank. the water was choppy today but small boat advisories were issued as a warning crews say. we are following a developing story out of fairfax county tonight. a man is dead after a confrontation with police. it all started with a stabbing at a tire store in springfield. fox 5's audrey barnes is live there. what happened? >> reporter: it all started here at the virginia tire and auto store. it was crowded with customers when a man with blood dripping down his face ran into that store and said he'd just been stabbed. right on his heels was a man with a 7-inch butcher knife determined to finish the job. that's when people called police and they took off down
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the street. this whole confrontation ended when that knife wielding suspect was shot and killed by fairfax county police. >> a gentleman that walked into my store over there, had he blood running down his face. -- he had blood running down his face. he said he just got stabbed and he asked for us to call the police. my first question was to him are you okay? where's the guy who stabbed you? he said he's out in your parking lot. >> reporter: general manager gabriel garino said his first thought was to keep this suspect and his huge butcher knife out of the store and away from his employees and customers. >> the guy pulled the door open waving his knife asking where the guy was that just entered our building. i had told him that he went into the bathroom and locked the door. i asked him to leave and luckily he did leave. >> reporter: garino and another employee followed him so they could let police know where went. that's when they saw the man charge at the first officer to arrive. >> he asked him to lay down and he started charging the police officer and chase l him with
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his knife trying to -- chasing win had his knife trying to stab the police officer -- chasing him with his knife trying to stab the police officer, too. >> reporter: he said he had no choice but to shoot the suspect. >> the officer got that man's attention. that man displayed a weapon toward the officer and the officer shot that man killing him. >> reporter: back at the tire store nothing but praise for the man that got a dangerous suspect off the street. >> didn't have a choice in the matter. he definitely needed to. he was trying to stab the police officer. i don't think there was any question about it. he had to do what he did and i'm proud that fairfax county did a good job. they got somebody off the streets. >> reporter: that suspect who was shot and killed has not been identified. they are still trying to notify his relatives. as for the man who was stabbed, witnesses at the tire store say he was slashed pretty good in his head. he was treated for nonlife threatening injuries at the hospital. police have interviewed him
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tonight. shawn, back to you. >> do we know why the man with the knife went after the victim? >> reporter: no. the manager of the tire stored when that man came to that door -- store said when that man came to that door, he was terrified and just wanted to get away from the guy chase l him with the 7-inch -- chasing him with the 7-inch butcher's knife. so far no motive has been released. >> crazy wild scene, good thing the victim is okay. audrey barnes, thank you. last weekend the washington harbour in georgetown became flooded when some of those flood walls were not erected. the entire first level of the complex simply under water, we're talking about restaurants like tony and joe's, nick's riverside grill and cabanas. fox 5 received exclusive access to show you some of the clean- up. employees, management, owners all pitched in trying to sweep up the mud, dry out all the water there, rebuild, refurnish and reopen. fox 5's roz plater is here with me now.
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you really are getting a glimpse of what it's like for these workers, out of work for days now. it could be weeks. >> it could be weeks and the longer it goes on, the more people don't get a paycheck. that's why the list of people signing onto this $5 million class action lawsuit is growing. >> reporter: building inspectors making the rounds at the washington harbour complex, a spokesperson for the management company tells fox 5 much of the power is back on, but so far commercial and residential tenants are not yet being let back in. >> nobody there. >> reporter: for six years captain bill ross has run the george washington riverboat tours. all his business originates from the georgetown dock, but as long as the restaurants are out of commission and clean-up continues, both he and his employees will be out of work. >> this is easter break. this would have been an opportunity to make in some cases a couple thousand dollars a day on a good sunny day. i work from april through october. so i have to make enough money to get me through the year. >> reporter: he says what he
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can't understand is how this could happen when there were flood warnings. >> seems like everybody knew that it was coming. it was all over the news. it takes 24 to 36 hours when it rains in pennsylvania, it all comes down here and i don't know how this -- whoever operates those floodgates, why they would put up most of them but not all of them. >> reporter: that's a question a lot of people are asking. the folks with the harbour management company mrd realty tell fox 5 they are not addressing that issue. captain ross is joining a class action lawsuit to try to recoup lost wages. his attorney said the lawsuit will try to determine what happened. >> it's going to take weeks, if not months before it really starts and we'll have the opportunity to formally through the litigation process talk to people, get documents and understand exactly what's happened. >> reporter: we should tell you
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the company has not yet responded to that lawsuit. they have not yet been formally served. >> has the company mrp which bought the complex back in june of last year for $240 million manage it as well, any response from the company as to who is responsible for not putting up those flood walls? >> we asked that question every day and i was told again today they are simply not addressing that issue. >> roz plater, thank you. a big shakeup in local college basketball. the leader of the mason nation is heading to miami to coach the hurricanes in the acc. lindsay murphy, you've been following this one. everybody is asking why is jim larranaga leaving george mason? >> a couple reasons. no. 1, back in '06 on that final four run he turned down a good offer from providence. this was another offer from an acc team. i think he felt like he couldn't turn this down and i think money was a factor. i don't think mason had quite the number of resources that a school like miami has. jim layer nation arks we all wish you the very best. after 14 years jim larranaga
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has turned in his resignation to coach the miami hurricanes coming after the best regular season in the patriots 44 year history and a school record 16- game ridging streak in. his 14 years the patriots won three caa championships and 5 nca double tournament berths. he leaves with a 273-164 record and at his introductory press conference larranaga talked more about this decision. >> i love a challenge. i love great opportunities and i love to be around great leaders and one of the great joys i've had is working at george mason for a great leader in dr. allen merten but he's announced his retirement and at that moment i think for me i started thinking to myself about my own career, where i am and what goals have i not been able to accomplish during the course of my 40 year career in coaching and one of the things kept coming back in my mind that i would love to coach in
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the acc, to coach at the highest level. >> so obviously this was a dream, something he'd been working for his whole life. we in the media loved covering him. he was so much fun and even played whiffle ball at some of their practices. >> and the guys loved him. that's the thing. so many people came to mason just to play for jim layer nation. wisdom martin was out at campus today -- jim larranaga. wisdom martin was out at campus today, a lot of upset fans. >> reporter: on a cold rainy day on the george mason campus, news of their legendary basketball leader's future quickly spread. after 14 years in fairfax coach jim larranaga is leaving for miami. >> it's devastating because he's been such an integral part of the university. it's going to be a great hoss for us. we saw great growth at the university under his leadership at the basketball team. >> heartbreaking because our team was just getting off and doing so well and they have to start over finding a new coach
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and getting used to him. it's very upsetting. >> reporter: larranaga brought march madness to mason. who could ever forget the 2006 amazing final four run that shocked the basketball world? the patriots knocked off story programs like michigan state, north carolina and uconn on the way to their first ever final four. >> everyone jumped on the mason bandwagon. >> i came two years after the final four and everyone is talking about mason. >> it's bad but the team has had a really great run with him. i hope they can do just as well in the future with someone else. >> reporter: athletic director tom o'connor said miami called coach l10 days ago to discuss the job opening. today at 9 a.m. he said he got a call from coach saying he accepted the position. >> it's a loss because he's a quality person both on and off the court. he's been an ambassador in the school to do a lot of things in the community, a lot of things on campus and certainly with
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the basketball program. he's built the basketball program to where it is today so we can move on in the future. >> reporter: so mason's loss is miami's gain. now mason has to move on and hope the next coach can follow in the very successful footsteps of coach larranaga. wisdom martin, fox 5 news. >> we will certainly miss him. you and i were just talking. this move to florida isn't out of the blue. he has ties to the area. >> i think three siblings live in miami. his dad grew up in key west, so he spent many summers in florida and he and his wife have a house in sarasota, maybe a retirement plan for the future, too, after he's done coaching. we move now to the the pump. gas prices rising with no end in sight. now the feds are stepping in to figure out why. plus new details about the police escort for this guy, charlie sheen. it has prompted an investigation and has the chief and the police union weighing in. we're back with that in segment two right after this. 
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more fallout over charlie sheen's licensed escort from d.c. police. he was in town tuesday for a show and tweeted a photo of the speedometer in his car that appeared to show 80 miles per hour and flashing lights leading the way in front of him. he flew into dulles and that's where d.c. police officers met him. chief lanierier says an investigation is underway and d.c. police generally don't operate in another jurisdiction without a partner agency. she added it appears protocols were not followed. the head of the police union spoke with me earlier tonight. here's that. chief lanier released a statement late this evening. we received it saying that the allegations are correct, several aspects of the sheen escort were against policy. what's your take on this? >> well, this would be a reverse from what the standard procedures have been and it's first time that we at the fop have heard the department actually has a policy. if you remember about three years ago, mayor fenty in addition to his security detail that isn't in uniform and doesn't use lights and sirens had motor officers going out
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with him on bike rides so he could train and they were going into montgomery county. one of our questions at that time was what was the statutory authority of mpd vehicles, metropolitan police department vehicles, being used in other states for nonemergency purposes. >> you're saying there's precedent and as i recall, mpd's involved in escorting the redskins, correct? >> that's right. redskins, hockey teams, baseball teams and three years ago we had two motor officers injured escorting the arizona cardinals out to landover. so the department is well aware of this. this has been our practice for some time. the question becomes is this a good practice? should we be doing this and why haven't we explained this to the taxpayers and why don't we have a coherent policy on this? >> there does appear to be department policy that's pretty clear. i have a copy of the telly type issued to the force in 200-- the teletype issued to the force in 2004. department vehicles will be operated as emergency vehicles only in the district of
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columbia and when outside the district of columbia only while engaged in the fresh pursuit of a fleeing felon, but the escort for sheen started at dulles at reported speeds of 80 miles an hour. what say you? >> again when we're doing these escorts outside of the district we are using our lights and sirens and have been since 2004. so the question becomes is that still good policy if it was good policy, why didn't something happen when the mayor was using motorcycle officers to block traffic so he could ride his bike? that wasn't security related. that was convenience related for the mayor. so amount best we have an inconsistent -- at best we have an inconsistent application of this policy and when you look back at the weekly, if not daily, escorts we do for nondignitaries, the question becomes what policies are we using? >> well, we're told that sheen agreed to pay for the escort he received. it's called a reimbursable detail, as you know. should those be eliminated in your opinion? >> that's going to be up to the
10:20 pm
taxpayers. the question is this. are there situations where for public safety purposes and traffic purposes do we want to be able to have the police take a baseball team to and from the stadium or an individual to and from an area and it's going to help get that individual there and get them out quickly and make sure everybody is safe and at the same time are there financial advantages to that that we could take resources and put them somewhere else? maybe. if the public wants us to do those type of operations, then we can do those, but there needs to be clear rules and clear laws. at this point the department has not been able to answer a, what its consistent policies are, b, what are the laws in neighboring jurisdictions about us conducting these type of operations? >> we know an investigation is underway and certainly you're raising some new questions in this controversy. kristopher baumann, chairman of the fraternal order of police, good to have you with us tonight. you don't need to us tell you gas prices are on the rise and they are expected to go higher, but president obama is stepping in to make sure gas
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companies are not taking advantage of us. the national average is now 3.85 a gallon, 4.06 in d.c., 3.85 in maryland and 3.77 in virginia. fox 5's matt ackland has more on the pain at the pump. >> reporter: it's hard to even watch. a trip to the gas station these days is down right depressing. >> it's not much fun. >> i think everybody is surprised. any time there's any news, foreign news, whatever it might be, it just seems like they spike. >> reporter: americans are looking for leaf and they expect the president to step up -- relief and they expect the president to step up and he sort of did thursday. president obama didn't make promises to lower prices, but he is instructing the justice department to look for things that could be causing prices to rise. >> last month i asked my attorney general to look into any cases of price gouging so we can make sure nobody is being taken advantage of at the pump. >> reporter: the president said traders and speculators will be
10:22 pm
looked at closely. >> we're going to make sure nobody is taking advantage of american consumers for their own short term gain. >> reporter: the big fear is what this gas problem will do to the economy. will it ruin any chance for a turn-around? >> we think fewer people will be hitting the roads. >> reporter: aaa says it's already seeing signs people are cutting back when it comes to driving, even this easter weekend, and they're concerned prices could be even higher come memorial day weekend. >> from the looks of things now we've seen increasing prices over the last 30 days consecutively. so we're probably going more with increasing than decreasing prices. >> reporter: rooting out fraud is important to most americans. the question is will do that anything to bring down fuel costs? >> the president also said those $4 billion in government subsidies should be done away with, especially when oil companies are making so much money in profit. we have an important traffic alert. your commute along new york avenue in the district is about to get worse.
10:23 pm
starting monday construction crews will close one lane in each direction between florida avenue and penn street northeast. crews are replacing the bridge. you should expect delays up to 30 minutes. the project is expected to take two years to complete. i u.s. senator making a surprise -- a u.s. senator making a surprise visit to libya, his message to rebels next. and lindsay lohan redding back to jail as fox 5 news -- is heading back to jail as fox 5 news continues.  i'm your biggest fan. you know that.
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now to the crisis in libya. rebel forces got a major endorsement today from senator john mccain. he made a surprise visit to the rebels stronghold in benghazi. mccain said the united states and other countries should recognize the rebels leadership as a legitimate voice of the libyan people and should provide them with military support. >> we desperately need more close air support and precision strike assets such as a-10's
10:27 pm
and c130's and i applaud secretary gate's decision to use the predator aircraft to help in this effort. >> even though mccain supports more military action there he does not want to see u.s. troops on the ground in libya. yesterday the pentagon approved the use of armed military guns in libya to bolster nato airstrikes. president obama is condemning the latest outbreak of violence in syria. amnesty international says at least 75 people were killed making it the bloodiest day in the month long uprising against president assad. president obama calmed on assad to stop the violence and enact reforms the people have demanded. a high profile defense attorney accused of fixing a trial. wait until you hear what prosecutors say he did to prove his client's innocence coming up next. got hey!
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you're watching fox 5 news at 10:00. a veteran d.c. defense attorney is facing serious
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legal trouble tonight. a federal grand jury indicted charles daum and two of his investigators. they're accused of manufacturing evidence to convince a jury of his client's innocence. fox 5's paul wagner has the story. >> reporter: in february of 2008 inside this apartment building on hanland street northeast d.c. place found 50 grams of cocaine with cash and other evidence. police say it belonged to a man named delante white but in preparation for the trial prosecutors say charles daum arranged for and staged a series of photographs to make it appear that cocaine belonged belonged to someone else. the indictments it was part of the conspiracy that the defendants would fabricate, manufacture, obtain and produce false physical evidence designed to influence, mislead, confuse, impede and be on struck the judge and jury as to the truth -- and obstruct the judge and jury as to truthfulness of the allegations. the indictment also says on or
10:32 pm
about september 24th, 2008 a cooperating witness and unindicted co-conspirators at the direction of charles daum removed evelyn clowney from her residence for the purpose of causing her to be absence for the trial of delante white after being served by subpoena for the government. evelyn clowney is the defendant's grandmother who lived in the apartment where the cocaine was found. court records also show the government believed candice robertson, christopher white and jerome white played key roles in obstructing justice with respect to the trial of defendant delante white. christopher, jerome and delante are brothers. candice robertson was delante white's girl friend. we went to charles daum's northeast office today but no one answered the door. daum's attorney released a statement which reads in part, "charles daum has been a practicing defense attorney in the district of columbia over 30 years with an excellent reputation in the legal community. he is shocked by the
10:33 pm
allegations made in the indictment and adamantly denies the charges that the department of justice has brought against him." delante white's two brothers and his girl friend are not included in this indictment and although they were originally charged as being part of the conspiracy, there's nothing in the court record that indicates they were ever brought to justice. as far as delante white is concerned, his original drug trial ended in a hung jury. the court record indicates that he was never tried again. in the fox 5 newsroom i'm paul wagner. today is earth day. maryland's governor is drawing attention to his commitment to the environment by unveiling eight new charging stations at bwi thurgood marshall airport today. you drive an electric car, you can plug it in at no cost and catch a flight. i sat down with governor o'malley this afternoon to find out more about his efforts to improve our environment. >> reporter: on this earth day we want to talk about how maryland is becoming greener
10:34 pm
led by maryland governor martin o'malley. good to have you with us, governor. >> thank you. >> let's talk about the correlation between living greener and the environment, our bottom line. >> sure. there's a whole transformation we need to undergo not only as americans, but as a species on this planet. we're the first generation of human beings ever to see our population double in our own lifetimes. so that's going to require a whole new way of living, of feeding, of fueling, of energizing the economies of this world. >> our job's changed? >> and in that transformation it requires a couple things. one is innovation and two is new jobs. earlier today we were kristening, if you will, some electric vehicle charging stations at baltimore, washington, international, thurgood marshall airport. >> you really want maryland to be a leader in the nation when it comes to a cleaner way of driving. >> right because then we get the double benefit. not only do we get the environment benefit, but we get
10:35 pm
the economic benefit of creating the jobs, industries, inventions here that could contribute to this positive transformation of how we fuel and energize this world of ours. >> so the idea at the airport is you go catch a flight, plug your car in and when you get back, it's ready to go. >> that's right and right now it's free. >> let me lead you into the chesapeake bay as we wrap up. it's not just a beautiful treasure, it's part of our economy as well and you're investing tens of millions of dollars to make this thing work, not only for the fishermen, but for the long term as well. >> i think our proximity to the bay is what gives marylanders i think an awareness of the interdependence of the land and water that is in advance of many other people in our country. so yes, even in the toughest of times we've protected open space. this year it's an all time high investment and the chesapeake bay trust fund, we've also made big upgrades to our sewer, wastewater treatment systems and we are also doing a number of things that have resulted in
10:36 pm
the crab population that is more sustainable and is now growing and we're making the turn to oyster aquaculture. >> governor martin o'malley, coming in on a great day here at fox 5 and your green tie is not lost on me. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. remember your green efforts are important all year long. head over to for a look at our commitment to earth day. we posted tips on hauling your hazards and more information on the way local neighborhoods are doing their part to protect the environment. another stint behind bars for lindsay lohan, why the actress is heading to jail this time. plus this teenager's story has caught fire on the web. for months she told everyone she was pregnant, but she was faking it. find out why coming up next. first it was chips and candy bars. now you can get vodka in vending machines. neil cavuto has your business report. >> running on empty this
10:37 pm
holiday weekend, aaa reporting an 18% increase in roadside assistance calls for cars out of gas. the national average for a gallon of unleaded now $3.85. toyota banking on production getting back to normal sometime in november or december. auto production hit of about 260,000 cars. wall street getting a jump on the long weekend. the big three averages each gaining between 1 and 2% for the week. commodities also taking a bit of a breather today, but investors keeping an eye on gold. gold the shining standout hitting a new high every day this week and move over potato chips. vodka wants in. pennsylvania getting ready to sell hard liquor from grocery store vending machines. the machines have them swipe an id card and breathe into a sensor to make sure they're old enough and sober enough to buy booze. that's business. i'm neil cavuto. r.
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lindsay lohan is going back to jail. a california judge sentenced her to four months in jail for violating her probation stemming from a drunk driving case. the 24-year-old actress pleaded not guilty to stealing a necklace. the incident was caught on the store surveillance camera. lohan's attorney plans to appeal which would allow lohan to post the $75,000 bail to get out. this would be her fourth stint in jail. 17 years old and pregnant, that's what a washington state teenager let her classmates believe for months. gabby rodriguez looked like she was pregnant, but her mom, boyfriend and school principal knew she was wearing a fake baby bump. she did it as a social experiment to examine the gossip and stereotypes associated with teen pregnancy. gabby kept up the charade for six months. yesterday she let everyone in on the big secret. >> when i took out the pillow, the audience was definitely in
10:42 pm
shock it. got really quiet. >> they were always putting her down and i was getting tired of it and just wanted to crack. >> wow. gabby says the experience was nothing like that popular reality show teen mom. she said she felt isolated and judged. gabby now plans to focus on college before even thinking about marriage and children. coming up new on the news edge at 11:00 an out of control beating of a woman inside a mcdonald's, what police say sparked this violence. and a new phase of a police investigation begins after a teenager's body is pulled from a maryland river, this as phylicia barnes' family speaks out about losing their loved one. 
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♪ with yoplait delights, now you can finally have both. ♪ it's the perfect parfait, with two indulgently rich layers of chocolate and raspberry yogurt and only 100 calories. yoplait delights. get rid of the "or." seven days until the wedding of the decade when william and kate will finally say i do. >> i know you're so excited, right? most of the big details are still a surprise, but tonight we have the scoop on where they might be honeymooning. fox 5's laura evans caught up with monty durham with tlc say
10:46 pm
yes to the dress atlanta. >> reporter: so a lot of the details are still being kept close to the vest on this wedding. what about the wedding dress? do we know anything more? >> not one thing. sarah burton is still in the running. she's the lead. all the editors are betting on her. russo is still putting his hat in the ring. no one has talked him totally out, but the editors are truly saying it's going to be sarah burton. >> reporter: what about how katherine will wear her hair? >> apparently she's had a few trial runs with her stylist. they pulled her hair back. i'm not quite sure she liked that look. it wasn't discussed in the salon. she kept everything low key about that, but traditionally longer hair looks better pulled back, especially she has a crown and rumor has it she's going to wear fresh flowers in her hair. >> reporter: what about the honeymoon? nobody really knows. jordan has been thrown out as a possibility, but you're saying it's more traditional to stay in the uk.
10:47 pm
>> the royals stay there since it affords them privacy. they own all this land, the property and it keeps them and there's some very special spots in some very special places that were dear to his late mother, also to his grandmother had honeymooned in some of those spots. there's a manor house on the estate that the queen mother, his great grandmother loved, and there is a little cottage built on a stream where they fish and do dinner al fresco and that has been very important to him as a child and the manor home is where charles kind of wooed lady di. >> reporter: and i understand there were some dresses she bought recently that might give us an idea where they might be going. >> her sister was with her and it makes me wonder if she wasn't just buying them for her sister. i mean really she's buying printed frocks. have we ever seen her in print? they've always been solid, very
10:48 pm
low cut, ruffles, flounce, very out of character for her and very light and bright colors. it may be a smoke screen to say hey, i'm going to the tropics and she ends up in a castle. >> reporter: who knows? we'll know a lot more one week from today. >> we will know next friday for sure and i will keep you posted as well on that. >> reporter: on your way to london. we'll be calling into fox 5 news to give us some reports. >> that's right. steady as she goes. >> hopefully he doesn't call collect. it is london, after all. >> got to keep up. >> a lot of serious weather going on right now through the midsection of country. >> unfortunately it's more of what we've had too much of this spring, a tornado outbreak again. this time st. louis is getting hit hard and we have pictures of damage at a the airport out there. several people at lap -- at the airport out there. several people at lambert
10:49 pm
airport were injured and the glass shattered in the terminal and unfortunately people were injured by that flying glass. the roof came off one of the concourses. i think it was concourse c. >> is this a confirmed tornado? >> it's got to be. i'm getting it off my tornado reports that come into the storm prediction center. they always say they'll go into the inspections, but there were other things that happened, too. st. anne, there were tractor trailers. look at the boat that's gotten blowed over. i hope there are no fatalities. we're not getting word of that, but they're about to do a press conference out there. so far 13 tornadoes concentrated around missouri and arkansas and boy, there's a tremendous amount of damage there. >> so far according to the wires no one killed thank goodness. >> i know they saw this one coming because they have professional observers for the pilots and i think they did have some warning. we'll hear what happens on the press conference and have much more on the news edge at 11:00. check out radar now on true view. this whole area was in a moderate risk for severe weather and every time we see that moderate risk it confirms.
10:50 pm
this is what happened last saturday when. when we see these areas, they almost always get these touchdowns and it's just so devastati is almost out of the tornado watch area and the warning area, but all of this is now sliding into kentucky where a tornado watch will go into effect. so i'm afraid this is not the last we have heard of this damage tonight and actually it's part of an area of low pressure that is driving a front in our direction. here's what's going on in our region. we've had the light rain. it's a cold rain, no doubt about it, and we aren't done yet. for starters we might have to deal with some of that leftover rain from st. louis later tonight, but what happens is as this rain moves into our colder air mass, the thunderstorm polar goes away and we just get these batches -- storm threat goes way and we just get these patches of rain. the flood watch goes down into western virginia. we'll have to see how much of that holds together as it moves in this direction including the
10:51 pm
debris left over from st. louis, but it is rain we're expecting, not thunderstorms, because we are still in the 40s. also coastal flood advisory is issued. this is not because we're expecting so much rain in these regions. it's because the east wind will continue to pile up the water and tides along the tidal potomac on the west side of the bay, may run 1 to 2 feet average. here are the temperatures, only in the low 40s, 47 degrees for patuxent naval air station, 43 baltimore, 43 dulles. how much rain are we talking about here? a good 1/2-inch to an inch for most of us, 1 to 2 inches in the flood prone areas and again when we have not seen all we are going to get. that will also continue into the overnight hours and for part of the day tomorrow. quick look at your headlines, it will warm up, but it may take till tomorrow afternoon. a warm front will come through and until that happens we'll still have some showers around. warmer for easter as well. i think we could be pushing 80
10:52 pm
degrees. there could even be a shower late in the day on easter from the same weather system that will be moving around our region. quick look at your temperatures for tomorrow. we could actually see some places into the 70s, at least the low 70s, but again that shower risk especially in the morning and it also may continue for part of the day on easter, but we think that will be later in the day. here's your five-day forecast. 70 for tomorrow, but again rain and a cool chilly rain in the morning for us. by easter i think about 78 degrees and monday looks terrific. tuesday about 84 degrees with a couple showers around as well. when we come back on the news edge at 11:00, we'll do our futurecast so you can see what time we're expecting the rain tomorrow and easter. the next presidential campaign season is already kicking into high gear and all eyes are on the gop to see who will jump into the race. earlier today i talked with fox news sunday host chris wallace about some of the possible contenders appearing on his
10:53 pm
show this weekend. >> rick santorum, the former senator from pennsylvania is almost certain to get into the race. i wouldn't say he's a frontrunner at this point, but he's a social warrior. he's going to push social issues. we'll talk to him about that. perhaps our more intriguing guest, although i don't think he would run in the republican primaries is the billionaire mayor of new york michael bloomberg. he has at times flirted with the idea of an independent run for president depending on how the president's poll numbers go and they're pretty low right now. maybe he'll get in. >> that would be kind of interesting because he has in the past seemed to be somewhat of a fan of president obama. >> well, yeah, he has, but at this point i think a lot of people are becoming somewhat disillusioned. there's a really dramatic poll in the new york times today which indicates that 70% of americans think the country is in the wrong direction and 57% disapprove of the way the president is handling the economy.
10:54 pm
so i think particularly as these gas prices rise that people are beginning to -- well, you can hear it from you, you know. everybody when you fill up your tank and it costs 60 or $70 to do what it used to take 30 or $40 to do, there's sticker shock and it goes right through the economy in airplane fares and the cost of food and all other sorts of added costs. >> that's for sure. it's hitting us everywhere. let's talk about another interesting republican figure that's sort of, you know, people are talking about. what about donald trump? >> i knew you were getting to that. >> do you think he's a factor? >> well, he's certainly a factor, the fact everybody is talking about him, the fact in all the polls if he's not the leading republican, he's in the top tier. i still have doubts as to whether he's going to get in because he's played with this idea a couple times before in 1988 and '92 and didn't get in and this is just cat nip for him and great publicity for his tv show. if he gets in, i don't know.
10:55 pm
he's a curiosity now and he says a lot of things that were serious and -- that more serious and careful politicians wouldn't say like continuing to make a big deal about the president's birth certificate. i think it's entertaining, how well it would wear, i have some questions, but from the point of view of a sunday talk show host i'd love him to get in. >> let me ask you about the shape-up of things in congress. nevada senator john ensign will resign. how do you think that will impact congress? >> not really because of fact he's going to be replaced. the governor will replace him with another republican. it's not going to change the votes there. it's another cautionary tale about not doing bad things and in his case he had an affair with his chief of staff's wife and then tried to get his chief of staff a job involved with lobbying. there are all kinds of questionable a things there and the head of the ethics committee and the vice chair, a republican and democrat, both say he did the right thing to
10:56 pm
step down. in terms of its impact on the balance of power in the senate, not much. >> the only thing we have to get through today is this dreary wet weather. we hope you have a great easter weekend. >> thank you. same to you. >> we'll see you back here sunday 9:00 for fox news sunday, chris. thank you. coming up next good friday in vatican city, pope benedict xvi trying something new this year. we'll explain next. today's five-day forecast is brought to you by your local dodge jeep and chrysler dealers. 
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archbishop cardinal donald wuerl commemorated the good friday celebration at the cathedral of st. matthew the apostle today. >> we can bring what he brought, a love of the lord and a ft.fulness, a loyalty to him.


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